Corporate Governance & Compliance

As part of good and responsible corporate management, VAC Group has committed itself to unconditional compliance with applicable laws and the highest standards of integrity and ethics. We do not only place these demands on ourselves. We would like any collaboration with our business partners to be based on these principles. We have set out our values for our own actions and our expectations of our business partners in our VAC Code of Conduct. It serves as a guiding principle for fair and ethical business conduct and is an integral part of our corporate culture as well as an expression of sustainable, responsible action.

You can download the VAC Code of Conduct here

VAC Code of Conduct

Sustainability – Human Rights and Environmental Standards

Sustainability is particularly important to us in VAC Group. Compliance with human rights and the implementation of environmental standards both in our own business unit and throughout our entire supply chain is of particular importance to us. This not only facilitates compliance with legal requirements and global initiatives, but also creates the conditions for sustainable management and a livable future.

A detailed description of our approach to sustainability can be found in our Policy Statement on Human Rights Strategy.

Policy Statement on Human Rights Strategy

Supply chain

Our expectations of our supply chain in terms of sustainability can be found in our Supplier Code of Conduct, which forms the basis and prerequisite for cooperation with VAC Group.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Compliance Team

VAC´s Compliance Team is at your disposal for all questions or concerns relating to compliance. You can find an overview of the compliance contact persons of respective VAC locations in Germany, Slovakia, Finland, Malaysia, China and the USA here.

Compliance Team

Whistleblower system

VAC Group does not tolerate any violations of applicable law and/or the VAC Code of Conduct, the VAC Supplier Code of Conduct or other internal VAC regulations. If you become aware of potential misconduct as described above, in particular fraudulent or unethical behavior, you can report it via the VAC whistleblower system. This enables you to communicate with VAC´s compliance team in a confidential, secure and anonymous manner. Please note that separate whistleblower systems are available for human rights and environmental issues as well as for all other compliance issues:


·      Human rights and environmental reporting

To report human rights violations and environmental protection violations or to submit information about human rights or environmental risks, you can use the following web-based reporting portal on sustainability.
Osapiens complaint page

The corresponding procedural regulations for using the portal can be found here.
Osapiens procedural regulations


·      Other potential compliance violations

All other potential compliance violations (e.g. in the areas of data protection, fraud, corruption, competition and antitrust law, money laundering, accounting, etc.) can be reported via the VAC compliance whistleblower system. The portal is web-based and can be accessed by phone. The dial-in and access data can be found here.
Dial-in and access data for SpeakUp system

The procedural regulations for using the compliance whistleblower system can be found here.
SpeakUp guideline