Effective Mitigation of Electromagnetic Interferences (EMI)

in Next-gen Applications using SiC/GaN Semiconductors

Next generation hardware developments often rely on SiC or GaN semiconductors, leveraging their higher switching frequency and lower losses as major benefits on application level. While a reduction in volume and gain in efficiency is welcome, excessive electromagnetic interferences (EMI) need to be addressed.

To handle the excessive noise level in applications with SiC or GaN semiconductors, VAC has developed new solutions for EMI mitigation. Our whitepaper reveals multiple opportunities to keep your application reliably free from EMI and achieve highest performance.


Get the Most out of your Application Advanced Semiconductors require Advanced EMI Mitigation

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Wide bandgap semiconductors – like SiC, GaN and Ga2O3– offer specific advantages in power electronics due to their special physical properties and provide guidance on the optimization of the efficiency of passive LC-filters.