Advanced Technologies

Magnetocaloric Material - CALORIVAC

CALORIVAC® is a magnetocaloric alloy enabling solid state energy conversion such as magnetic refrigeration. It enables engineers to build gas-free magnetic refrigeration using magnetocaloric alloys as active materials.

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Magnetically Shielded Room (MSR) made of VACOSHIELD VACOSHIELD® - Measure precisely without any disturbance

MSRs are used to shield applications that are very sensitive to magnetic sources of disturbance. Our VACOSHIELD® rooms are a proven solution that has become an industry standard.

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Brazing Foils - VITROBRAZE

Amorphous VITROBRAZE® foils are used as 100 % metallic filler materials in brazing processes. The different grades of VITROBRAZE are optimized for joining of steel and stainless steel, nickel and cobalt alloys, or copper and brass alloys, among others. VITROBRAZE products are available as strip material and can be customized in geometry.

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