Magnet Assemblies

Customized Solutions with Highest Precision

Magnet Assemblies are permanent magnets which are bonded to other permanent magnets or a different carrier material.

The positioning of magnets with extreme precision and the very high forces associated with large-volume magnetized parts, make the assembling of magnet assemblies a challenging task. For this process we apply our extensive experience in the design and construction of assembly tools and our know-how in the selection of a suitable bonding process.


  • Manual and automated assembly of high-precision magnet assemblies
  • Encase of assemblies in stainless steel, glass-fibre or carbon-fibre reinforced containment systems, including the required layouts
  • Installation and adjustment on customer site possible

Typical Applications

  • Rotors for high end sport cars (e.g. combined with soft magnetic alloys from VAC)
  • Rotors for aviation applications
  • Automotive
  • Scientific applications (wigglers, beam guiding systems and undulators)
  • Aircraft and space applications
  • High rpm rotors for motors or generators
  • Large, very small, and tricky assemblies
  • Extremely precise assemblies


Rare-Earth Permanent Magnets VACODYM • VACOMAX

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Magnet Assemblies VACODYM • VACOMAX

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Motor Optimization using High Performance Magnetic Materials and Technologies

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VACODYM 80X TP Dysprosium-reduced Magnets for Highest Performance

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VACODYM 131 TP / VACODYM 131 DTP for Low Temperature Applications

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Samarium-Cobalt magnets made of VACOMAX® have particularly high coercivities with simultaneous high saturation polarization and excellent temperature and corrosion stability. 



Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets made of VACODYM® have the highest energy density available today.

Motor and Generator

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Whether you are looking for materials, permanent magnets or complete stator and rotor assemblies, we provide  a comprehensive range of solutions for electric drives.

Electric Motors and Generators

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